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  1. sarahcooley
    Posted 8 years ago #

    ok...so I am using wordpress 2.3.3 because that was the version that was automatically installed when I used godaddy to do the wordpress install. Now everything was working fine but I wanted to do a redesign on the site so I was looking at new themes. My theme knowledge is very limited but it has never been hard. So I found a theme that I LOVE and I purchased it and downloaded the zip file. Now when I uploaded it to my server the theme shows up in wordpress but when I choose it it looks blank. If I go into the file everything seems to be there so I am not sure what is missing.
    No I called the technical help for the website that I bought it from and they said that I have to use wordpress 2.0 and I guess I figured that wordpress themes would be backwards compatible. I do not want to downgrade... I wish I could figure out how to upgrade.
    Since everything is there and I have all the files I feel that there must be a way to fix it if I get my hands in the code...but I dont kno where to start.

  2. flick07
    Posted 8 years ago #

    I do not want to downgrade... I wish I could figure out how to upgrade.

    So are you asking for help to upgrade? If that's the case, then have a look here. I upgraded my installation of WordPress not long ago and found it really easy to do (making sure I followed these steps carefully!)

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