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  • Hi all,
    (A bit long…)

    This is certainly a miscellaneous post, and is partially a thinking out loud type of thing. I would like to get some recommendations on a theme(s) based on what they can do “out of the box”. I have spent a week trying to get some themes based blog/forum/cms up and running just to find out that once I start adding this or that I’m kinda stuck. Is WordPress really just for blogs? I love some of the themes but need to have a traditional looking and static home page.

    I’ve played with a couple and it seems very evident that using a theme for a small business requires at least header and footer changes. I’m OK with HTML, can do includes and some output from a db in PHP, and have worked with phpmyadmin a bit as well. So I’m sure I could add a link to a static page and even connect to a different db for a dynamic page and somehow have that same theme.

    At that point I think I am stuck with the theme I chose once I have made a bunch of mods?

    What I have now is a site with Links at the top, albeit too many. Then a column on the left for links to outside sites. Fiddled with some css to make a third column on the right. All of my pages have exctly the same header and footer.

    What I want:
    A nice theme of course! And a theme that won’t take 9 hours to modify either should need to be updated. 🙂 I tried emporium-grass, and it’s very cool. Spent way too long trying to figure out how to cut and paste my footer below the three columns. The few themes I have tried to modify have seemed very complex but maybe the things I do with PHP/HTML have been very simple.

    Event calendar in the left or right column would be very nice.

    My blog would probably be updated weekly. More of a news style rather than people commenting back and forth. Weekly Monthly, quarterly report type of thing. Right hand column, Title of the blog post, and the first 10 words which links to the page where I can have a paragraph.

    A photo Gallery. Text Links in either side column With the Album names.

    I know all of this is possible with just about any theme. But I know someone that just read all of that is thinking…”Hmm, how about xyz theme”. Or maybe WordPress isn’t the solution.

    Thank You for reading!

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  • If you need to mod your theme that much why not create your own?

    I’ve seen so many sites that I’m jealous. 🙂 I’m certain i can make one work but I’m going to upload my old site and work on the graphics and layout a bit.
    I thin I wanted a few widget type things for my site and would end up with a hodge pdge of themes.
    I think I can use WorPress as a photo blog. Time to search again… 🙂

    Thanks for responding.

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