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  • Hello WordPressers?

    I’m having a unique problem I’m hoping you’ll be able to assist with.

    I’m attempting to add a boarder outline to my wordpress install.
    The border outline image should be behind the content text, so that the text appears naturally with the image forming the theme border outline.

    Issue is, the header and footer align quite well, but try as I may, I am not able to call the #border created in the style.css to show on the index and page.php of my blog as a border.

    The blog in question is located here:

    and the border image I’m attempting to wrap around the blog (as you can tell the shadow of the outline ends at the header and also footer).

    Image here:

    I know I’m supposed to create a function in the .css file, something like
    { background url() repeat-y; } etc.

    Then create another in the index.php file.

    I’ve tried all these, and the image simply isn’t showing up.

    Any assistance would surely be highly appreciated

    Many thanks for your feedback

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