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  • I am brand new this week to WordPress and am starting a new site that is related to book publishing. I have identified the Cutline 3 column split 1.1 as a theme that works with how I intend to make my layout. Since I am new to wordpress my ability to do any customization, even fairly simple tasks will be limited, so I am looking for something that is as good to go as possible.

    navigation | content | Amazon links / adsense / widgets

    I see that cutline is one of the top 10 downloaded themes so I imagine that it is fairly stable and can support widgets and adsense. In addition I’ve found the cutline FAQ sites (although its forums seem to be brand new and not used much yet)

    I’m just asking for your opinion of if I am on the right track here I.E. is the cutline 3 column split 1.1 theme a good way to go?

    If you have used this theme and know of any really basic but easy to fix problems please feel free to let me know.

    Also i’m assuming that the theme is available for use in the manner I intend to use it which to discuss books and offer links to said books in the sidebar. I have looked for any prohibited use statements and can’t find any so far so I’m ok here. If you know otherwise please let me know.

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