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  • Hi,

    Sorry for the cryptic description but I don’t know how to explain in few words. So here is the longer version…

    I would like to offer a contract to my clients by using my website. So if a client is interested in my services he can fill in an online form on our website and then submit his request for a contract. There will be 1 last step “please check your adress” (etc…) and then “press send contract”. Once the button is clicked the client should receive an email in wich the contract is attached (*pdf or so).

    Any idea on how to accomplish this? Is there a plugin wich I am not aware of?

    All help is much appreciated.

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  • I suggest you try a plugin named “Contact 7”

    it allows you to build custom forms of your choice.

    Thanks for the reply!

    I know of ContactForm7 but it is a regular form plugin.

    Not a plugin that can give feedback like “please check your filled information before you proceed”.

    May I rephrase the question: how would you (or anyone) make something like this? At this moment people call me by telephone and I keep entering peoples info into template contracts. I’d like to automate that. So the template gets filled in by the clients info, one last check and there the contract is. It can be a mail or a pdf by mail.

    THanks again!

    contact7 allows you to have required fields and optional fields. so I am not sure what else you would want that contact7 can’t do. you also get email notifications.

    Yes I am thinking about it now…

    I should make the “email section” like a contract, with the fields where we need them.

    Only it will not look like a contract but maybe with some html setup I could give it some more looks.

    WOuld there be any way to “please check your info before proceeding”… if you get what I mean? Or just simply make 2 required checkboxes, the first “i agree with terms bla bla” and the second “I have checked my info” and then you can click on the submit button.

    Hmm i’ll think some more haha. Thanks for your input.

    yes you can definitely do that, I have on occasion a checkbox that says : yes process my order and another checkbox that says: I don’t have all the information right now, then a text area below where they can provide more details if they have a question on the form for example.


    Thanks for the info, I will go that way and see where it ends.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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