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  • Hello good people,

    I have a problem,

    I want to display the comment author’s name, then their url (enclosed in brackets) after it and I use the

    <?php comment_author_url_link('linktext', 'before', 'after'); ?> function.

    However, I want to display the name of their website rather than the default ‘linktext’ otherwise they would all be the same i.e. ‘Visit their website’ etc.
    So I leave the ‘link text’ blank and add the brackets in ( it would be (”, ‘(‘, ‘)’ ) ).

    I get it to how I want it to be but the problem is those that do not leave their website name still displays the brackets like this

    “John Smith () said:”

    How can I get rid of the brackets for those that do not have a website?

    Very much appreciate the help =)

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