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  • Hi,

    Im trying to setup a website for my local sports club and im completely new to this. I may be way out of my depth, but how possible is it to design a website like this using the standard wordpress features. would i need to learn how to code things?


    Are there many additional features that only a website designer would have been able to do (i.e. someone who has worked in this area for a while)

    any advise would be great to get me started and see if im just wasting my time thinking i can even do something similar.

    Thanks in advance,



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  • @corley cricket

    Sure it’s possible, in fact that sites built using WordPress.

    It would be a fairly simple build depending on your level of coding, a designer may not necessarily be able to code this but it depends on their knowledge / experience.

    The blog / news / video / photo sections are very straight forward, the most advanced section would probably be the forum the rest does seem fairly simple.


    i’m new to it all (2 weeks) and i can see a lot more scope/possibility than 2 weeks ago.
    just emerse yourself in it for a bit.. you will feel a little fried at times, while you’re learning.. but then it all slowly starts to make sense.

    good luck!

    Thanks James and ejosborne for the help, im looking forward to using this tool a lot more over the next few weeks/months/years.

    You may see more threads from me in the future, apologies in advance



Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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