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    I have a Website running on the 2010 theme and I’m trying to accomplish the following

    • Have all posts show as excerpts instead of full content on my Blog page
    • Have a post title show as the meta description tag followed by the name of the blog.
    • Have the title of a post be a clickable hyperlink that can navigate to the full
    • Here is what I’ve done and researched thus far:

    • I’ve checked off the ‘excerpt’ box in screen options. So I now see a field for inputting an excerpt.
    • Some instructions indicate to go into the index.php and do the following: find ‘the_content()’ and replace it with ‘the_excerpt()’. Only problem is that the tag (‘the_content()’) isn’t present in any files I looked into. Now what?
    • For an example of all that I’m trying to accomplish, please see the following: click here. This website does everything I want:
      Full post is replaced by an excerpt with a hyperlinked post title instead of the full post content and once a person clicks on the post title, the post title is listed in title bar of browser window followed by the blog name.

      To pre-empt a few things: My webguy has disappeared on me so I’m a bit clueless as to PHP coding but am willing to try.

      If you do respond, please word your responses in very plain english with very detailed instructions. Thanks.

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