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    I wonder if you can help with a little bit of advice? I seem to have made a bit of a mess of our site. What I mean is this, I am confused between the correct use of pages and categories. Let me explain a little further.

    Our site used to be a normal html website, but about 18 months or so ago I converted it to a site that ran on the WordPress platform. I wanted the site to be like a normal website, not just a blog. It had, and still has a static front page, with a variety of pages/categories that are available through its drop-down menu. We also presently have a page, which as part of the site is our Blog page, holding occasional posts.

    The theme I originally chose is beginning to look a little tired, so I began to think a little while ago about changing it. The theme is one thing, but my real problem concerns how to use categories and pages. This came to a head when posts I created under particular categories always seemed to end up in the Blog section when I never intended for them to be there, and I couldn’t understand why.

    So presently the menu is a mixture of pages and categories, and I am now so confused that I seem to be going round in ever decreasing circles, that I now don’t know what to do for the best.

    Just a couple of illustrations – Under the About Us (page) tab there is News & Announcements (Category), for items here I use posts. Also under the About Us (page) tab there is Pastor’s Letter (Category), for entries here I use pages. I also have pages & categories listed under the Articles tab.

    You can probably tell by the way I am explaining this how confused I am.

    What is normal best practice for the use of pages / categories, and in particular how, or in what hierarchy should they be displayed in the menu?

    Any help in assisting me find my way out of this maze would be appreciated.



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