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    First, let me say I’m not a coder, more of a cutter/paster.

    I’ve been asked to set up multiple petitions, one per sports group, to petition our local officials. They wanted the custom field on each petition to be a drop down. The label of the field is “I am a downtown little league” then the dropdown values are “parent”, “player”, “friend”. Same for soccer league “I am a downtown soccer league” “parent”,”player”,”friend”. There are 7 groups, therefore 7 petitions. (We want the elected officials to understand the affiliations as to where the mails are coming from). Through this help forum, I was able to implement the dropdown.

    In the petition e-mail, it includes the value of the custom field in the mail signature, so it’s showing up as:
    John Doe

    What I’d like to do is include the custom field lable and the value so that it shows up as:
    John Doe
    I am a Downtown Little League Parent

    I just don’t know how to get that variable name echoed into the signature.

    Thanks in advance for any help.

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  • Figured it out myself. wasn’t realizing that custom_field_label was on the petitions table, not the signature.

    If anybody cares, it actually worked out really well.

    Instead of using the custom_field_label and custom_field (value) in the signature, I moved it up into the greeting. So now the Petition starts with my constant greeting followed by my custom valued field. so looks like this:

    Dear Elected Officials,
    I am a Little League Parent
    blah blah blah


    Dear Elected Official
    I am a Little League Player

    and as mentioned above (again, if anyone cares) I set up 7 similar petitions, so our officials will be receiving virtually the same petition with the league affiliation and constituent group up top.

    you’re welcome, me

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