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  • mnewing


    thank you for reading and hopefully helping

    I am going round in circles and really could use some advice. I need to backup a large site (1.31GB) and have tried both Duplicator and Updraft and cannot get either to work.

    when trying to create the package i get the error message “The build can’t continue because the total size of files and the database exceeds the 500MB limit that can be processed when creating a DupArchive package. Click for recommendations.”

    Did some research and found suggestions to setup up archive_zip which i did via the CPanel and reset Duplicator to use it rather then DupArchive. did not work so i restarted PHP but Duplicator does not recognise that Archive Zip is installed.

    i start the backup and it gets about 20% of the way really quickly (judging from the status bar) and then it stops, if i look at the log file i cannot see any errors. eventually after an an hour or so i stopped it.

    what plugin would folks suggest that i use to backup site of over 500MB?

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  • JNashHawkins


    I use UpDraftPlus but…

    The bigger the site the more ‘turn around’ room the server will need to deal with a big backup.

    If you have a gig and a half of total space used on your server’s 2 Gig hard drive then you’ll have a rough time backing up a site almost that size as there’s no extra room for the backup and no place for the zip plugin to assemble the zip file.

    In those cases doing an FTP of all files and an export of the database via phpMyAdmin might be your only choice but a few times I’ve asked the host to give me a bit more space for a few days and they’ve done so.

    With upDraft you can select partial backups of database only or files only. Take what you can get and then do the rest manually if you can.

    I’ve used UpdraftPlus to backup much larger websites and didn’t have any problems. But I run my own beefy servers, so I don’t deal with any server constraints at all. Do you see anything in the server’s logs?

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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