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  • Hi there, any help hugely appreciated on this one.

    I have been looking into whether an existing plugin can be adapted to do what I need it to do, or if I have to create some script that I can enter in the post/page html tab and/or wp theme files.

    I need to create a open voting system that has hundreds of possible nominations (and therefore could have various spellings or variations when entered, which makes it difficult to tally results).

    I want to create a form that autocompletes, from a defined list created in advance, when people start to type a name. They get to nominate up to ten people, and if any of their noms aren’t in my list they can enter them anyway. I need to be able to view the submitted results.

    Ideally in addition, I need to set a minimum requirement of five nominations and limit submission by IP.

    Can anyone suggest how I can achieve this? Time is of the essence on this one. I’ve researched and worked at it for quite a while now.

    Many thanks.

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