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    I’m trying to set up CDN Sync Tool with WP Super Cache and Amazon S3 & CloudFront. I’ve been making some wild guesses about how to configure everything because I can’t find documentation on how to set it up. I’ve searched the forum and found a few answers, but not everything.

    My site stopped serving properly and I had to deactivate both plugins to get it working again. Can some folks here with more experience (or the developer) give me an idea what I’ve done wrong? Here are the settings I have so far.

    CDN Sync Tool – CDN Options
    I have chosen Amazon S3 in the drop down. I created a new access key in my S3 account and added that info into CDN options. I created an empty bucket and entered that into the options as well.

    I have it set to combine JS and CSS files and created a subdirectory “cdn” in my wp-uploads directory.

    I told the plugin to sync everything and it populated my new S3 bucket. I checked that it created the combined files in the new upload directory as well, which it did.

    Amazon CloudFront
    I created a CloudFront distribution. I left most of the settings at the default here. The delivery method is “download” and I set the origin to my newly populated S3 bucket.

    WP Super Cache
    I enabled CDN support in WP Super Cache. I entered the domain name from my distribution ( ) into the offsite URL field. I noticed that it then also appeared in my CDN Sync Tool field “Hostname of CDN.”

    The result of all this was that my site suddenly took FOREVER to load and then loaded without CSS. I checked the CSS content-types in my S3 bucket and they are all text/css, so that isn’t the problem. I’m guessing that my CloudFront configuration is wrong, but that’s just a guess.

    Any guidance would be much appreciated!!

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  • Never mind. I figured it out on my own. I had apparently stumbled through all the hard stuff OK on my own and then made a stupid mistake on something simple. I should have entered instead of just as my offsite URL in WP Super Cache. (Duh.) I just needed to take a break and look at it later.

    I also needed to add a few custom directories to the CDN Sync tool but After changing that, everything seems to be fine!!

    thank you very much for this contribution!!!!! its helping me a lot

    Hi, I am trying to setup WP Super Cache using CDN Sync Tool with Amazon S3. I don’t know where to find the CDN Hostname or what to put for that field. Can anyone help me with this?


    It is the domain name in your Distribution panel

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