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    Hello guys!
    I’m fairly new to the WordPress community so hi!
    My request is pretty simple (atleast I think so!)

    My problem is changing the plugin called “Music Store”.
    Right now the music is just being posted from database to website in a long long list downwards, which gives a really bad overview and sorting.
    (You can see what I am talking about on my website here: )

    Instead of one long list, I would like to have 3 columns so the tracks fill the space to the right of the page where there’s nothing.

    I am pretty sure I have found the place to edit my php, but I am not certain of what code to actually put in there to make this happen.

    The PHP looks like this now:

    * Extrat the songs data for song list
    public static function columns_data($column){
    global $post;
    $obj = new MSSong($post->ID);

    switch ($column){
    case “artist”:
    echo music_store_extract_attr_as_str($obj->artist, ‘name’, ‘, ‘);
    case “album”:
    echo music_store_extract_attr_as_str($obj->album, ‘name’, ‘, ‘);
    case “genre”:
    echo music_store_extract_attr_as_str($obj->genre, ‘name’, ‘, ‘);
    case “plays”:
    echo $obj->plays;
    case “purchases”:
    echo $obj->purchases;

    } // End switch
    } // End columns_data


    I hope someone can help me make this music store look pretty so I can start selling my music! The request might be very noobish, but I am not really a PHP shark like most of you guys!! 😀

    Have a great evening yall!

    -Eiqu Miller

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  • I found the solution, nevermind!

    Plugin Author codepeople



    In the insertion process of music store in your page or post it is possible entering the number of columns, the sortcode will be similar to:

    [music_store columns=”3″]

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