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  • Hiya,

    Today I finally upgraded a client from using b2 to WordPress. The WordPress install can be found here:

    When I was running b2, I had a programmer create a small program that would display the last 7 or 10 or whatever headlines on the front page of the Web site here:

    That little program no longer works with WordPress and currently the front page links to news are all part of a static file and not updated automatically. I understand this could be done automatically using RSS and a program like rss2html. I downloaded rss2html and followed the instructions, but all I kept getting was a blank page with no entries displayed.

    Can someone suggest the best way to add just the title of the posts and a link to each post on the front page of this Web site? Is RSS the best way to do it, or is there another plug in I could use?

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  • Hey Marc, Thanks for the suggestion. I installed the plug-in, but it turns out that my host doesn’t have the XSLT parser installed. So, I followed the link for the version 2.0 plug in, which worked great. How would I add that listing to the front page of the client’s site, though? The front page is not part of WordPress, it’s just a simple php file. How would I call this to be displayed on the front page?

    Try the CG-Feedread plugin. It can function standalone (without WordPress) using PHP. Mind you, I haven’t done it, but the instructions are included in the documentation.

    I’d love to try that out, but it appears their Web site — — is currently offline. Is there another place to get these files?



    Anyone have further suggestions? And does anyone know what’s up with



    It’s up and working now..just for the file set.



    CHAITGEAR was down for 30h due to hosting problems — I lost a lot of revenues from that! 🙂

    Try it again.

    CG-FeedRead can be included directly into any PHP website — all the wordpress ‘plugin stub’ does really is include the main file. 😉




    I facing the same problem but I have no ideas how to get to put the rssfeed into my wordpress.

    I currently want to add this is a rss file created with rss2html.

    I want to add this php into my frontpage of wordpress. How? anyone can help me?

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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