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    In order to provide any kind of help I’d need your website URL and/or more info about the problem.

    I have it installed on it is kind of a test site. I am just trying to see how it works but I cant get it going..

    as i understand i create a menu and use custom links and add m_PageScroll2id into the XFN field and #id into the url field.. so I did that for a fe pages and then activated that menu but although the menu showed on the homepage, the links didnt work

    I am doing sometthing wrong…

    what I would really like to see would be the settings for the demo site

    Plugin Author malihu


    I can’t see any links with a hash (#) and/or m_PageScroll2id rel attribute in your menu. Have you seen the following tutorial?

    Page scroll to id for WordPress tutorial

    i deleted the menu because it didnt work

    could you plz give me an example for me to work with?

    I added the test menu back again so you can see my errors

    Plugin Author malihu


    Your menu links have URLs like http://#31 which point to nowhere… They should either be #31 or

    The tutorial I posted above is a step by step example on how to implement the plugin and make it work with your wp menu. Have you followed the guide provided in it?

    yes, i have tried to follow that tutorial but I cant really follow it… I dont consider myself stupid but it seems confusing to me..

    I have change the links again but they are still not working?

    what i need is to see the settings for an already working page example such as

    I will check back in the morning, thanks for helping

    still need help plz.. can you check what is wrong with my menu now?

    Plugin Author malihu


    Your menu links seem correct. Now the only thing you need is to have element(s) in your content with id 3, 31 etc.

    You can add these id attributes directly in your theme’s HTML/template or in wp editor via shortcodes. For example, to add them in the theme template:

    <div id="3">
      ...your content...

    and to add them in wp editor:

    [ps2id_wrap id='3'] your content [/ps2id_wrap]

    It’s also advisable that your id attribute values start with a letter or underscore, e.g. section-3, section-31 etc.

    okay, I think I understand that…

    how do i do it if i want to show different pages all on the same page?

    Plugin Author malihu


    “Page scroll to id” doesn’t do this as it’s out of plugin’s scope. You’ll have to see other tutorial(s) on how to do it (it’s fairly simple). For example check the following guide:

    How to Include a Specific Page’s Content in a WordPress Theme without a Plugin

    Right… so back to the in a page..

    So can i create a page, say with 10 large photos on it and make it scroll horizontally to show each photo individually with the menu staying static like in your demo site?

    Plugin Author malihu


    Yes as long as your whole page (not just an overflowed div) scrolls horizontally.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)
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