• Hi Guys
    Anyone live around the Hythe in Kent area. I am building a site called the theeyesofhythe.org. As a real newie to wordpress I would appreciate any help I can get.I can be reached via the webesite.

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  • Hi.
    I have been running a word press website for a year now [the-essayist.org].

    While I have posted articles on my facebook home page before I have a major issue this time.

    Every time I post an article on my FB homepage, at the bottom of teh article, it shows:

    ‘The Essayist By Schedio Art – Jenil Gogari’

    Schedio Art were our previous developers and we want to remove their name from these posts.

    Can someone tell me how do I search and delete this name from the backend.

    Help will be really appreaciated.


    essayist, don’t hijack someone else’s post. start a new one please.


    I used to live in Folkestone due to work. I am in Canada now.

    What kind of help do you need? Is there a WordPress community in Hythe, or even Folkestone?



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    Im really sorry, I did not understand the format.
    Will do so.

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