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    I have two blogs .. of many that I have created over time, but these are the first two back in May 2005 and shared the same same MySQL database. The MySQL database is well over 600MB in size and just the queries with these files are “driving up the server load and the CPU usage due to the number of records/tables it has to run through in the query. It has nothing to do with the amount of traffic your site receives, the server and the network can handle it. Its not a day to day issue, but an issue nonetheless.” (their words)

    The files in question are from the WP-ShortStat plugin .. the ??_ss_search and ??_ss_stats .. the ss_search files are about 1MB each in size, but the other ss_stats tables are the big ones.

    hbsmc_ss_stats – 94.6MB – 434,076 records
    wp_ss_stats – 207.9MB – 941,588 records

    Can I just deactivate my Wp-SHORTSTAT plugin .. then go into myPHP and EMPTY these two tables, then reactivate the WP-Shortstat plugin and start over? Or will that cause damage? I’m even having problems backing up the mysql database.

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  • It’s keeping track of every single person to ever visit your blog most likely. Plugins that do that are usually a bad idea except on uber low traffic sites.

    Yes, you can just run an EMPTY command on the table and be fine in all likelyhood (no need to deactivate). The most you’d loose is like “total vistors to my blog” and stuff.

    You might want to find a different plugin though or something because this is just gonna happen again.

    Hmmm. And I think I recall some serious problems with this particular plugin a while back….

    Thanks … I hope that means it will be okay to run an EMPTY on BOTH of those tables, and I don’t think I will reactivate the plugin after that.

    I’ve been relying on my “Sitemeter” and “Statscounter” and my “refer” scripts .. and don’t look at the statistics anyway. Although, I always think that I might someday and the others are only temporary information until it gets replaced by more current information and the history falls off the table. I’ll make a backup to archive before I delete these tables, but I don’t think I will be reactivating. I can’t believe how big those files were ..

    I didn’t EMPTY the ??_ss_search tables .. as they appeared to have important keyword search data. The ??_ss_stats tables was the only tables EMPTYed// and now my wp-backup works. I will mark this as resolved.





    Just a quick mention that WP-shortstat got upgraded recently. Version is 1.12a. There’s also a MySQL script in teh post to copy, edit, and run to reduce the size of your tables.

    Well, in theory. I can’t get the commands to run. 🙂


Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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