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  • Please help!

    I was trying to install google analytics code into my clients website ( and now the whole website is shifted to the left!

    I posted the analytics code in the header.php template

    1. above all code – this didn’t work so I removed it

    2. Right above </header> –

    I’m not sure when the page shifted as I was more concerned with if it registered with google —

    Please HELP – before my client notices!

    This is what the header.php template looks like

    <!-- BEGIN HEADER <!-->
    <header id="header" class="group">
    <div id="logo" class="left">
    <h1>"><?php bloginfo('name'); ?></h1>
    <div class="right">
    <div id="contact" class="group">
    <div class="right"><img src="<?php bloginfo('template_directory'); ?>/images/icon-email.jpg" alt="Email" /></div>
    <div class="right"><img src="<?php bloginfo('template_directory'); ?>/images/icon-phone.jpg" alt="Phone" /> 416.440.8434</div>
    <div id="tagline">
    It's our goal to help you reach your goals.

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  • There is no problem in your header section , well that problem might be occur in case any closing div missing , or some problem in css.

    It appears as though the footer is now to the right instead of centered, and no padding around the whole site


    I never touched the CSS file – is it still possible the problem is there?

    Do you have any idea what template the problem might be in to affect the layout like this –




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    Start by sorting out the markup errors. Then move onto the CSS errors.

    I am new to WP and coding etc. so please excuse my lack of, what I am sure is common sense.

    If I didn’t touch any template except the header.php – can other templates change and have errors, even though I never edited them?

    Here is a list of templates:

    [List moderated]

    Is this a common error -???



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    There could be issues within your current theme itself.

    It seems that your footer is inside the right sidebar so it shifted to right side , so you need to move your footer from sidebar, and your content shifted to left because inside content div you have a class “sixtyfive left ” so you need to work on this class , this issue can be handled by html expert

    So this is not an easy fix?

    I’ll I did was copy and paste google analytics’s code into the header.php template! I might have done it in the in one of these

    Main Index Template
    Page Template

    and then I removed it because it didn’t work ??

    this is a problem of css , A html expert can solve this within 10 to 20 min ,



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    For someone who is experienced using HTML & CSS, it’s a relatively easy fix.

    Any chance you can tell me what to look for – from the template list I posted above?



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    this is a problem of css

    No – it’s a markup issue as well. There are multiple missing closing tags.

    How did it happen?

    Can the problem only be where I edited?

    Can anyone help me? Like actually go in the backend ~

    Learning in progress..

    Also, could anyone recommend tutorials, training/course to take for WP – I’m going to be working with a theme in the future with no ‘Webmaster’ so I have to learn

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 16 total)
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