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  • I am having the same problem and was just about to post, asking for some advice. Almost no spam for months and months and then the past few days I usually have at least eight spam comments in my moderation queue every time I log in.

    Andrea Whitmer


    Same here. Suddenly the spam comments are absolutely out of control. I’m getting one every few minutes.

    Same here 🙁 I changed the checkbox name twice, and now I’ve deleted and re-installed the plugin – getting spam comments twice an hour

    Andrea Whitmer


    I installed Captcha on top of GASP and it seems to have stopped for the most part. That isn’t a solution I want to use long term but for right now it’s better than nothing.

    Same here. For the longest time I received zero spam comments. Noticed the other day that I all of a sudden started getting some. Changed the checkbox name and still received spam.

    me too

    Same here also :'(

    Yep, changing the checkbox name has made no difference. The spam is still coming.

    This started happening when I upgraded to WordPress 3.6

    Is it a coincidence? Did all of you upgrade too?

    I’m getting spam every few minutes now, too. My clients are losing their minds.

    Yes. I also upgraded to 3.6
    Perhaps the plugin developer hasn’t upgraded the plugin and now its broken with the update.
    Pity, because it worked really well too.

    Sadly, I had to move my clients back to akismet. I’ll check this board on occasion to see if the plugin has been fixed or if the author has anything to say.


    @SNOWKRASH: Why back to Akismet, why not have both? I have always has Akismet installed in addition to this plugin, so what GASP misses Akismet picks up and vice versa. They are not exclusive and don’t seem to interfere with each other, so why is it necessary to only have one?

    I have upgraded to WP 3.6 but not sure this is the cause, just coincidence I think. Someone suggested in might be a Javascript minification issue in the other thread, sounds plausible although I am yet to investigate further for my setup.

    Pity that there’s not some counter that records how many spam comment submissions the GASP plugin intercepts. That way we would know whether it is catching 99% but we only see the few that get though, or whether it isn’t actually working at all.

    Any thoughts or comments Mr Plugin Author please?

    same issue, looks like problem started when I updated to wp 3.6. It was catching 100% spam i’m sure.

    @james I would use only GASP with nothing else like I have been doing happily if it still worked. It’s useless to me if it doesn’t work anymore, and pairing it with anything else while it’s no longer working isn’t bringing any value to the table.

    The only thing I changed for my clients was to upgrade to WordPress 3.6 – 3 of my clients are actually not minifying javascript at the moment because it was causing problems with other things a couple of months ago, so I don’t think it’s a minification issue. Two of those clients are very bare-bones blogs with only two or three other plugins none of which they have in common.

    My concern is that it is either the upgrade that broke it, or that suddenly the minds behind these autobots have figured out a way to render the plugin useless. I don’t think anything else could be the cause. I am hoping that it is the former – the upgrade that broke it and that the author can troubleshoot and post an update. I hope that the cause is not the latter.

    Just to add to the conversation, in the last 6 weeks I have been experiencing a dramatic increase in trackback spam and now, in the last week or so, comment spam.

    I have only just (i.e. today) upgraded to WP v3.6 so this was ‘apparently’ nothing to do with the upgrade as the spam is still coming.

    I was using an older version of G.A.S.P. but have also today installed the latest version (1.2) to see if that helped. It didn’t, the spam is still coming in droves.

    Any input from Andy Bailey and the G.A.S.P. team would be appreciated.

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