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  • Okay, I did that, and now look at the site if you dont care. My new url is

    However, my header image and plugins are gone?

    So is the formatting, for example is shows the entire post instead of just a portion of the post, etc.

    Basically it is just the posts and comments, any ideas?

    Also, none of the tabs work, seems like a major problem for just an url change, I think Ipage support may have done a little more than they suggested.

    Were you using Twenty Eleven theme before? If not, try switching back to your old theme in Appearance>Themes. If that’s the problem you will probably have to set up your widgets and custom menus again.

    Yes, I was using the same theme before, it all looks the same, the plugins and header image are just gone

    When I finally got ipage support to get it back to my original site at all , in admin it had several messages stating that plugins were deactivated because the files were missing,

    Also, when you click on a tab to visit a section like about, it has a 404 error

    I feel like this is an easy fix, that it is just a minor error somewhere

    All your links are still pointing to your old URL so the images are more than likely pulling the old URL as well. You could try this plugin to update your URL’s. It is pretty straightforward and works well:

    As for the other plugins you will have to reinstall anything that is missing. I am a bit confused as to why anything they did should have affected your wp-content folder.

    As am I, they claimed have done nothing. Which is nearly impossible, I asked about changing URL’s, they said they would escalate the issue.

    I navigated to my site, it was the theme with no content what so ever.

    She then claimed to have updated a folder to get my posts and comments back. It all seems a little fishy to me.

    Do you think it is possible to get my plugins back without re-installing them? I had a modified a few of them, itll be a pain in the butt to do it all over?

    Can I look in a certain folder to see if the plug in files are there?

    Best bet is to look for a recent backup and extract the missing plugins out of it. Would be best if you know what files you modded then you could install a fresh copy from the repository and just replace the modded files.

    I have gone all the way back to the 19th in my backup and cannot find my missing plugins, only the still functional plugins that are on my blog now.

    Pretty crazy that they are all gone.

    The blog was destroyed by Ipage support a few hours ago

    It happens. Probably best to just go into recover and rebuild mode. I’d try to get your URL’s straightened out and go from there.

    The story gets stranger

    In searching through the file backups I found a file>wp-content>plugins

    All the plugins I need are still there?

    Originally I had the site at and had redirected to it.

    Hmmmm…. I have minimal wordpress knowledge, so this is all confusing to me

    In the wp-content folder in the home file, the plugin files are not there?

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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