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  • So after a couple of months of neglect, I have gotten back to adding content to my site. Unfortunately, my galleries have other ideas. I cannot update any of them. I tried to delete one of them and create a new one. If I try to use the gallery template, I get nothing. With default template, I get thumbnails but when I click on them, I get ‘page not found.’ If I try to change something, it cannot be saved; it simply reverts to the old broken crap. I’ve tried defaulting my permalinks and turning off all plugins… nothing. See for yourself:

    Please help,
    Thanks in advance!

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  • Hi,

    I’ve had a look. The pages that show, seem OK to me. That doesn’t say anything about any changes you may have made…

    Start by pressing <Ctrl-F5>
    If that doesn’t work:
    Clear your browser cache.
    If that doesn’t do it…

    Start by making a back-up of the current situation, so you have a fallback position should trying to fix things not work out. [see bottom of this text]

    Next: de-activate the gallery plug-in, but keep the data!
    FTP: Install a fresh copy of the gallery
    Check the result
    == == ==
    How to make a back-up of your site

    1. FTP: Make a backup of the files of your site, using FTP ‘Filezilla’ [free] or your own FTP-program.
      (see: )
    2. Make a backup of the CONTENT of the site
    3. dashboard > tools > export > all content > download exportfile
    4. If required: confirm installation of export tool and run the export

    You now have a fallback position, should things go wrong!

    NOTE!!! Make these backups every time BEFORE you make changes!
    Repairing problems becomes much easier!!

    For future reference:
    Restoring a backup goes ‘the other way around:
    Make sure you have the most recent OK version of a backup.

    1. Restoring files: FTP one / more / all files from the backup to the site, overwriting the files on the site.
    2. check the results! If all problems are solved… Done!
    3. has some content vanished…? Or do you need to go a ‘step back’?
    4. Dashboard > Tools > Import > wordpress > choose the exportfile from your computer, and ‘upload file and import
    5. NOTE!! The database = CONTENT goes BACK to the previous state. Changes
      made since the backup was made, you will have to re-enter. So regular backups – daily / weekly – are advised!!

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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