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  • Hey guys,

    If you actually visit my site, , you will see that the sidebar with all the navigational links on the right side of the page is not appearing on the right side of the page and rather is appearing below all the posts.

    Is there a reason behind this? Can i do anything to make it return to the right side the way it should be?

    I have made no modifications to anything whatsoever. Merely downloaded the theme and installed it as per the instructions.

    Thanks a whole lot for the help in advance.

    Best Regards,

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  • in your stylesheet put float: right in your navigation container and float left in your content containers

    ive had a bug once where it did that with the floats, but try that if you dont have floats

    Please pardon my ignorance but im not sure what float is.

    How should i go about doing the thing you mentioned above? Putting float right in navigation and float left in content?

    Thanks again for the help!

    Appreciate it


    in your CSS file… heres an example

    .navigation {
    float: right;

    .content {
    float: left;

    just put float:right; in your main navigation area in your CSS and float: left; in you main content area in your CSS.

    hope that explains it.

    Bro vex,

    Sorry to trouble you again.

    I assume you mean styles.css but i am unable to find a .navigation or a .content where i am able to enter the float:left/float:right.

    Is there anything else that it could possibly come under?

    Thanks again for the responses!


    .navigation replace that with .yournavingationdivhere (might have a # in front of it) do the same for content area. thats all i can know.


    The thing is, i managed to locate the #content and #navigation as per your instruction and i found the float left and float right already there.

    The thing is, no matter what theme i select, even the standard one by kubrick on wordpress, the formatting still appears with the links on the right below all the posts.

    Is there a problem with my installation?

    Thanks again for the responses!


    I am having the same problem, except I am trying to add something to my side bar. It is a java script counter and when I try adding it to the bottom of the Meta catagory my menu drops to the bottom. It stays left but is below the post box. I am not sure why it won’t let me stick the code in?

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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