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    I’m using wordpress 3.6.1 version.

    i put some of my articles in the recycling bin. They disappeared.

    I didn’t know they could disappear. Can I trace them?

    I am very frustrated.

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  • Hi there,

    You may want to check the trash to see if the posts are still there? There is a “Trash” link on the “Posts” admin screen next to where it says “Published”, etc.

    If they’re not there, I don’t believe you can trace the posts, unfortunately.

    You could check with your web host to see if they have a backup of your database?

    Thank you for your response! all I see there is the following:

    total (52) |
    draft (5) |
    private (47)

    That is the problem. I couldn’t find that trash link. I usually put some thing there temporarily . I don’t know it could be permanent. could it?

    Hmmm… it sounds like a database backup from your host may be the best option, then.

    You could also increase the number of days before your trash clears.

    I’d advise not doing that with your blog posts in future. You could mark posts as drafts instead?

    Thank you very much. I will contact my host.

    another question:

    I am sure my host will have a database backup, but I am not sure whether they will help.

    If they don’t, could anybody from this site help?


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    No, your site is entirely self-contained, no one else (outside of your hosting provider) has control over it, and if you weren’t creating your own backups or using another service to do that for you, your hosting provider is your only hope. With that said, most decent hosting providers keep backups, usually no older than a month.

    Thanks. I appreciate that.

    I meant, could or should my host have the decency to provide me a copy of backup? I seriously doubt. I sent them an E for more than half a day now, but there is no response.

    I’m very frustrated.

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    If they’re a decent host, they can and they should.

    Thank you again. Looks they are not. 🙂 I haven’t received anything, and don’t cherish any hope.

    But I remember I once clicked the “文章 RSS” button, which means “Article RSS” (there is also “comments (评论) RSS” button ), i saw all my blog entries there, I mean all the words without style and arrangement. Is it possible to retrieve by blogs there?

    But I clicked it again today, it has “subscribe live bookmark” button, which I haven’t the slightest idea of what it means.

    Could you or another body else help? I would really appreciate it!

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    You could certainly copy/paste from the feed, but the feed won’t contain all of your posts. It will contain up to the maximum you set via Settings -> Reading in your blog’s Dashboard, and it won’t contain any deleted posts.

    At this point, I recommend just continuing ahead as if the posts are gone for good. Your hosting provider is your last hope for backups if you don’t have any yourself, and if they aren’t giving you any, they probably don’t have any.

    If for some strange reason they do give you a backup a week from now after you already have new posts/comments, open the database backup (or the posts table backup if they separate by table, which would be great) in a text editor:

    There, you can find the post content to copy/paste as backdated “new” posts, rather than restoring the backup and wiping out any new content.

    Also, now is a great time to start keeping your own backups:

    Thank you. I will do that!

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    You’re welcome!

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