[resolved] Help! my blog got database error!? (3 posts)

  1. Dgold
    Posted 10 years ago #

    Help please! I won't die but it feels like an emergency, almost. :-/

    Suddenly getting WordPress database errors on my blog... Look: http://dgold.info/radio/

    Would really like to have my page up right now, have a webcast scheduled for tomorrow morning... Blog's been working great for months... I have a backup from 5 days ago from Skippy's db-backup plugin -- this is my first crash -- I don't know IF I should try to replace my db with the backup, if so how?

    Hoping there's another way to fix this so I don't lose today's posts... Thanks in-advance for ANY advice/help

    WordPress database error: [Got error 28 from table handler]
    SELECT DISTINCT * FROM fm_posts WHERE 1=1 AND post_date_gmt <= '2005-09-18 02:36:59' AND (post_status = "publish") GROUP BY fm_posts.ID ORDER BY post_date DESC LIMIT 0, 5

    WordPress database error: [Got error 28 from table handler]
    year, MONTH(post_date) AS month, count(ID) as posts FROM fm_posts WHERE post_date < '2005-09-17 21:36:31' AND post_status = 'publish' GROUP BY YEAR(post_date), MONTH(post_date) ORDER BY post_date DESC

  2. Alex Mills (Viper007Bond)
    Posted 10 years ago #

  3. Dgold
    Posted 10 years ago #

    Thanks for the quick reply Viper. After that I went on a research trail, got lost in PHPMyAdmin and my website's Control Panel. Eventually I just emailed my web host, saying I have Error 28. Apparently they fixed it without replying to me, because this morning it is back to normal -- thank goodness because I am co-hosting a Farm Aid webcast today


    Thanks again WordPress

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