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  • gwenm


    Hello, I would like to know how to remove back end access to my site creators.

    I have used 2 known plugins (User Role Editor and PublishPress Capabilities) to give roles and nothing applies.

    The site creators have access to all the menus and it’s impossible to change this.

    1 – I’d like to assign a theme to everyone (if possible)

    My site is used to create sites with woocommerce

    2 – I’d like creators to only be able to create or modify a product. (if possible)

    Help me please, thank you

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  • john7053


    To restrict backend access for specific user roles on your WordPress site and achieve your goals, you can follow these steps:
    1. Theme Assignment:
    You can assign a specific theme to users with a particular role using the "User Role Editor" plugin. Here's how:
    a. Install and activate the "User Role Editor" plugin if you haven't already.
    b. In your WordPress dashboard, go to "Users" and click on "User Role Editor."
    c. Select the user role you want to customize (e.g., "Site Creators").
    d. Scroll down to the "Themes" section and check the theme you want to assign to this user role.
    e. Save your changes.
    Now, users with the "Site Creators" role will be assigned the selected theme when they log in.
    2. Restrict Access to Product Creation/Modification:
    To limit site creators to creating or modifying products (e.g., in WooCommerce), you can use the "PublishPress Capabilities" plugin or follow these steps:
    a. Install and activate the "PublishPress Capabilities" plugin if you haven't already.
    b. In your WordPress dashboard, go to "Users" and click on "Capabilities."
    c. Select the user role you want to modify (e.g., "Site Creators").
    d. Under the "Posts" section, you can customize capabilities related to posts and products. To allow creating and modifying products, make sure the following capabilities are checked: - edit_products - edit_published_products - edit_others_products - publish_products - read_private_products - delete_products - delete_private_products - delete_published_products - delete_others_products
    e. Save your changes.
    Now, users with the "Site Creators" role will have the ability to create and modify products but will have limited access to other parts of the WordPress backend.
    After making these changes, remember to test the user experience thoroughly to ensure that the restrictions are working as expected. You can create a test user with the "Site Creators" role to check their access and capabilities. If you face any issues or need further customization, consult the documentation of the plugins or seek assistance from a developer who is familiar with WordPress user roles and capabilities.
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    Thank you very much for your help.

    I follow your tutorials to the letter.

    I can’t even give the role I want when I register. I’m desperate.

    I check “Shop manager” in User Role Editor – Options, new accounts are created WHILE Administrator.

    When I follow your tutorial to assign a theme, I have no choice of theme, I just have customization rights.

    Using a WordPress multisite is the most complicated thing I’ve had to do in 15 years of experience.

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    I’m thinking of going back to a simple WordPress installation because multisite is too complicated.

    I’ve also tried multivendors plugins before and they didn’t work either, because none of the free versions offer variable product creation except one, but that’s too complicated for users. The pro multivendor plugins are too expensive for me.

    The aim of my site is to enable people to create their own product pages with variations.

    These are people who have never used a site builder before, so I don’t want to waste time they don’t have.

    My idea:

    Reinstall WordPress as a single site and duplicate the site for each new user as a subdirectory.

    These sites would only be accessible to them for adding or modifying products.

    I want product creation to be very simple for them:

    Image download
    Product description
    Price variable or not

    Do you see what I’m getting at?

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