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  • I’m new here so apologies in advance if I’m doing something wrong.
    The version I selected may not be correct btw.

    Ok so I’m helping out a friend with his site.
    We know various people are playing the old multiple profile game, and it’s hurting the forum.
    I asked the superadmin if he could make a list for me of all members – past and present – including the email address they registered with, date, and IP address. He said it would take forever and didn’t want to deal.
    Is there a plugin that can do something similar to this?
    Other than removing a bunch of people, I think it’s the only way we’re going to crack down on a few and send a message to the rest that we mean business.
    Besides looking at email addresses, and IP addresses, is there any other way to catch multi-profiles?


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  • Also, is there a way (plugin) to make it so that new members have to have posts approved for a period of time before being allowed to have full post rights?



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    First, identify exactly which forum plugin you are using and then post in that plugin’s dedicated forum via its page in the Plugin Repository.

    Ok so i asked the superadmin and he says we’re using bbpress for forum plugin. And should be latest version of WordPress.
    I will look for that thread.

    Thanks : )

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