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  • Hey all, afraid to say it but I am new to wordpress but have had experience in web design and other CMSs in the past.

    I have just had a client request something that I’m not quite sure how to approach, so I guess I am after a bit of direction or brainstorming on the subject.

    What the client primaraly wants is a website where the general public (anyone) can visit, write a report on a client (this could be a complaint on a product or service), hit “post” or “send” and it lodges.

    The tricky part is that next the website should then alow the client to log in to the website and view the reports lodged by the public. I envision these reports appearing in a well designed “feed” manner.

    So I know I can use the “members” plugin and some redirect plugin to control the client side of it, but what I’m not sure on is how to attack the public posting to a private forum side of things. Keeping in mind that there would be many different clients/forums on the site.

    Also note that the public would not be able to see what they or others have posted, only the client.

    Any help would be great here guys and gals! Please let me know your thoughts 🙂

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