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    My website is an educational website. It gets 500 to 1000 daily visitors.
    I have over 1500 posts on my website. I am on a shared hosting plan.

    I want to have the most suitable settings in Autoptimize for my website. I WANT TO HAVE FAST LOADING TIMES for my first and repeat visitors. I am not very obsessed with Google PageSpeed Insights scores.
    I read all FAQs and also some articles on your blog. I understood few. I did not understand many. I do not have much technical background. I am a law student.

    From top to bottom I have named the settings below with numbers. Can you please just reply YES or NO for the following settings. It would be very kind of you. Thanks.

    1. Optimize HTML Code?
    2. Keep HTML comments?

    3. Optimize JavaScript Code?
    4. Aggregate JS-files?
    5. Also aggregate inline JS?
    6. Force JavaScript in <head>?
    7. Add try-catch wrapping?

    8. Optimize CSS Code?
    9. Aggregate CSS-files?
    10. Also aggregate inline CSS?
    11. Generate data: URIs for images?
    12. Inline and Defer CSS?
    13. Inline all CSS?

    14. Save aggregated script/css as static files?
    15. Also optimize for logged in users?

    If I should tick (that is switch on any of the above settings please say ‘YES’ or ‘NO’ for those settings which I should not)

    It would be very helpful for me. If you need any other info, I would reply fast.

    Thank You very much.

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Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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