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  1. nmallory
    Posted 10 years ago #

    I'm writing a plugin to sort the categories when they come out of the_category(). I'm basically recycling code from someone else's plugin for explicit category sorting for sidebars. It works fine and all...except for at least one subcategory: booksmusicmoviestv.

    When that one is present in the post's category list, it screws up the code:

    Posted in <a href="http://nmallory.exit-23.net/category/the-world/" title="View all posts in The World" rel="category tag">The World</a>, <a href="http://nmallory.exit-23.net/category/the-world/in-the-news/" title="View all posts in In the News" rel="category tag">In the News</a>, <a href="http://nmallory.exit-23.net/category/geekery/" title="View all posts in Geekery" rel="category tag">Geekery</a>, <a href="http://nmallory.exit-23.net/category/geekery/booksmusicmoviestv/" http://nmallory.exit-23.net/category/geekery/interesting-trivia="" title="View all posts in Books, <a href=" rel="category tag">Interesting Trivia</a>, <strong>|</strong> <a href="http://nmallory.exit-23.net/wordpress/wp-admin/post.php?action=edit&amp;post=609">Edit</a><strong>|</strong> <a href="http://nmallory.exit-23.net/20051028/mr-sulus-gay-french-cat#respond" title="Comment on Mr. Sulu's Gay French Cat">No Comments ยป</a>

    See how the link reference is mixed in with whatever's next? If I put it last, it will just lop onto the next piece of text ("Edit").

    My plugin code is:
    'function get_the_cat_list($separator = '') {
    $categories = get_the_category();

    if (empty($categories))
    return apply_filters('the_category', __('Uncategorized'), $separator, $parents);

    $thelist = '';

    foreach ( $categories as $category ) {
    $category->cat_name = $category->cat_name;
    $thelist .= $separator . ' ';
    $thelist .= \'cat_ID) . \'" title="\' . sprintf(__("View all posts in %s"), $category->cat_name) . \'" rel="category tag">\'.$category->cat_name.\'\';


    return $thelist;

    function the_categorysort ($seperator = '', $partents = '') {
    global $the_catlist;

    //edit this line with your category slugs
    //inside the quotes, separated by commas.
    $mylist = "featured,the-world,9-11,conspiracy-theories,in-the-news,iraq-afghanistan,natural-disasters,hurricane-katrina,hurricane-rita,politics,soap-box,quote-of-the-day,life,clean-sweep,friends-family,nose-piercing,photos,the-cats,wellness,pet-peeves,geekery,other-blogs,booksmusicmoviestv,computer-gadget-talk,dragoncon,interesting-trivia,roleplaying,web-design,writing,fiction,friday-5-first-sentences,nanowrimo2005,poetry,funnies,discombobulated,misc";

    //leave the rest alone.
    $the_catlist= "";
    $rep = "";

    $thelist = get_the_cat_list(',');

    if (!$mylist) {
    return $thelist; // do nothing if $mylist is blank

    //get rid of multiple tab runs
    //strip list formatting, if any
    $newlist = str_replace("\t", $rep, $thelist);
    $postfix = ", ";

    $newlist = explode(",", $newlist);

    $sortkeys = explode(',', $mylist);

    $numcatel = count($newlist);
    $sortel = count($sortkeys);

    for ($k = 0; $k < $sortel; $k++) {

    //if unordered list, check for keywords
    //and act on them.

    $searchterm = "/\/(index.php)?(\?)?" . $sortkeys[$k] . "(\/)?\" title=/";

    for ($i = 0; $i < $numcatel; $i++) {

    if ($catel = preg_match ($searchterm, $newlist[$i])) {
    $the_catlist .= $newlist[$i] . $postfix; //found one

    return $the_catlist; //we're done; send it back

    add_action('the_category', 'the_categorysort');

    I can't figure out how it's getting messed up, but I'm very new to php coding and I don't know all the ends and outs of the WP code like some folks. Hopefully someone will be able to point me in the right direction.

    Thanks in advance!

  2. nmallory
    Posted 10 years ago #

    Well, I think it has to do with this line:

    $searchterm = "//(index.php)?(?)?" . $sortkeys[$k] . "(/)?\" title=/";

    First of all, I am using permalinks and second, the one I'm having problems with is a subcat.

    Anyone know how to fix this?

    (I'll continue to blindly try changing things... ;) )

  3. nmallory
    Posted 10 years ago #

    Doh! OK I fixed it. The problem actually had to do with the commas (",") in the name of the category. I was using commas to delineate the list I was passing around. I've switched that to a carrot (^) and it seems to be working now.

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