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  • My website is totally wrong!

    Hi everyone, I’m recently working on my wordpress domain
    It’s almost good.

    In firefox everything is in place, but in internet explorer everything is wrong!

    Have you any idea how I can solve this?

    I think it has something to do with the template that I have installed.
    – Did something changed in the html (header changed to what it is now)
    – I also changed something in the css – the color of the text (the date)


    Regards Mike,

    ps: here is the link from my site,

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  • look at this
    click on line #43 – you have the wrong format for images
    you also have other problems that could mess up IE

    Another thing that might be messing up IE is line #81 of your style.css file. Right now you have the height set to 100% for #main-bot. IE has trouble sometimes with this. Instead, try using min-height so it reads:

    #main-bot { min-height: 550px; }

    That allows the height to expand with the content, but keeps the minimum at 550px.

    IE6 doesn’t understand min-height, but I think the height property functions the same was as min-height does for other browsers. Set up a conditional stylesheet or use a different hack for IE6 and you should be good to go.

    Thank you for the help, i tried it, but its still not in the place where it should be!

    Main-bot is changed,
    Changed the format for the banner img.

    it looks like somethings wrong with a div, but i can be wrong offcourse

    one thing I notice throughout your source is the use of < br > (no spaces…I had to put them there to make it work on this forum)

    which if you are looking for a line break I believe is supposed to be <br />

    i cant find it… im pretty new to wordpress

    nevermind, found it but the problem is still there!

    Hi mikevp,

    I see quite a mess in the source code. 🙂

    What are those links in the sidebar? Pages on your site?

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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