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  • I know what everyone is thinking, “use the search tool” and such. Believe me, I have searched all over the place to find a very comprehensive and easy to follow tutorial for my needs, but have been unable to find anything that delivers the clarity I need from a tutorial, which also ties into what I need for my Website.

    I have made many attempts to get this right, getting as far as uploading my theme, only to find that the links in my navigation don’t work despite linking them to their respective PHP pages, and so forth. Many, many hurdles. I finally gave up searching and using so many poorly made tutorials full of incorrect procedures and bad practices, and decided to make a thread here.

    What I want to do is simple:

    I have created a simple static HTML Website. It contains the following:

    Folder: img (for images)
    Folder: JS (for scripts)
    Folder: CSS (for my CSS)

    Each page is structured VERY simply like so (and contains scripts):

    Header (containing the logo at the top, the navigation bar, and a search bar on the navigation floated to the right)



    On the “Blog” Page (which isn’t functioning at the moment, but is just designed in HTML and CSS), the page is structured like so:

    (PS: sorry to non Lewis Hamilton fans :P)

    So far there is only a “categories” widget. I intend to simply duplicate this widget and create one for “Archives” and “Tags”. In other words, create a functioning Blog based on this theme.

    Unfortunately, I have found literally no good tutorials describing what I need to do here, which is essentially to create a theme based on my website design shown in the image, and incorporate a blog page into the website as well. My skills are in HTML and CSS.

    If someone can direct me to a very good and straight forward tutorial on how to achieve my goal here, I will be eternally grateful.

    Thanks everyone.

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  • You’re asking questions that mean you’re not understanding really how WordPress works – maybe might have a tutorial.

    The idea is you create the blog in WordPress, and you’d copy over the content into pages or posts.

    Designing a theme is generally very difficult. I mean I can’t code and I’ve never done one. It might be presumptuous but if you’re posting this question I’m guessing the theme is out of reach for you.

    You will want to pick a theme where you can change options like colors, backgrounds and the header.

    The general idea though is that you’re not really bringing anything with you. You’ll scrape out the text of a page and paste it into a WordPress page or post.

    For what you want to do, is the standard WordPress theme not useable, and you can customize parts of it?

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