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  • Okay so I’ve spent the last few weeks (on my spare time outside of work) creating a site for a client with a custom built theme. This is my first use of wordpress and the site can be seen here at
    I have a bunch of different static pages. For example, if you go to the first page in the nav titled “Outdoor Fun” you can see that there is one long list of places for parents to bring their kids for outdoor activities. They are separated into 3 different categories “Local” “pretty Close” and “farther away.” In each category, there are a number of venues.
    My client informed me earlier this week that she wanted the user to submit venues via comments. Okay, so I enabled comments on each page. Now, she has requested that the user be able to comment on each separate VENUE on the page. i.e. a user can comment on “Bar Beach” and then “Blumenfield Family Park.”
    Can someone help explain my options here? I understand that I can re-do each and every page and instead of static info, I can make each venue a post, carefully inputting them in reverse order. But if I do this, can I still have the category titles “Local” “pretty close” and “farther away?” Or is there another option that will allow me to do this?

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    You could create a new template for that section which contains comments then just turn it on those according pages.

    But i want the page to look the way it does now but under each location, I want the user to be able to comment on it. Each one.

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    Ah okay. Yea the best way would be to make a Parent category named Venues or something. Then 3 sub categories with Local, Pretty close, and farther away.

    Then make that page an archive page.

    Hope that helps

    okay, I think I’m either going to do that, or keep the page as is and just create the posts in addition to this, and link them within the sections on the page.

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