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  • I went to my host website to check on how much space I was using and then returned to my wordpress site ( only to find that everything, all my posts etc have gone.
    This is days of work gone!!!!
    How can I get iT back ASAP!!


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  • @mercime


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    Your posts are in your database. Images are in your server – wp-contents/uploads/ folder which you can backup via FTP download.
    Database backup – Log in to your webhost and check WP tables via phpMyAdmin. While you’re there, backup your WordPress.

    I took a look at sionelliott’s site and it looks like he/she has in fact lost the posts. But like mercime said, the posts are stored in the database so you must have accidentally deleted them from there. Unless you accessed PHPmyadmin I don’t understand how this could be. Also the site itself is up and running so the entire DB could not have been deleted – just the posts table in the DB. This is very strange. Did you keep backups?

    Give your host a call. It’s possible they have a recent backup on their servers and can use it to restore your site. You may lose a few posts, but hopefully they can help you. Also, if your site has made it into the search engines, you may be able to retrieve some from google cache.

    Good luck.. I’ve been there… it’s *not* fun.

    Next, install a backup plugin and backup often!

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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