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  • larenquest


    I need assistance to create and organize the structure my website.
    I’m really new to WordPress.
    I’ve read many posts since one week but the more I read, the more I’m confused.
    Basically my website is about computer company (Apple, HP, Asus,…)

    On my first page, I have a list of companies

    Each company has same structure:
    (About, Products, PhotosGallery)
    These titles don’t change

    Suppose I add a company (Apple) and let’s take Apple as example.

    A click on Apple brings me the second page showing this:

    About: shows the company’s history or news
    Products: shows a list of company’s product (i.e: MacBook, iPod, iPhone…).
    A click on MacBook brings me the third page showing the detail of MacBook.
    Of course the productlist is different for other company.
    PhotoGallery: shows images(downloadable for user) of products or company.

    So there will be many pages to handle, and also creating many categories with its sub-category and sub-sub-category(a very bad idea, I suppose)
    What is the simplest way to create my site?

    Can you show me an example or tutorial? Since one week, I can’t progress and I don’t know how to start and I have no idea. I’m really stuck and this problem makes me mad.
    Please help me.

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