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    Can one to of the Mods remove the URLs from this thread once it’s run its course. Thanks!

    I’ve been heavily modifying a blog based around the Hemingway theme. The backend admin is all over the place at the moment since I’m integrating it into the main site, so it feels like there’s no admin, just the website. I’m only half way through building the new Hemingway based theme at the moment, but I’ve run into a problem. Everything works how it should in FF2 and IE7 and everything is valid apart from the -moz-opacity in the CSS, but that’s OK.

    I have 3 columns that show how they should in FF and IE7, but in IE6 the left and right column drop below the centre column. I can’t figure out why IE6 is doing this.

    My style sheet can be seen at [URI removed at request – mod]

    And the site can be seen at [URI removed] please view the source code to see the structure of the page.

    All and any suggestions are welcome, I’ve tried many, but don’t be afraid to say the obvious in-case I missed it and I love feeling like an idiot when it solves the problem it makes me smile 😉

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  • You have CSS errors – I’d ignore the warnings (you have 360 – but they’re all “background-color” stuff)

    You’ve got a ton of code here to wade through, though. I’d say you have too much, actually. The point of tableless is to keep it simple. If I were you, I’d forget heavily modifying an existing theme and just code this one out on your own. You could make it cleaner, and it’d probably have a lot less things to worry about.

    When I said heavily modifying, there’s not really much left of it although the out look is similar.

    I only started working on the site a couple days ago, I’ve still got to go through and clean up the CSS, but everything works and as you said it’s only background-color stuff that’s no problem to clean up, but at this point in time I’m trying to figure out why the left and right column drop in IE6 and not in FF or IE7.

    Usually it is because the sum of the width of the 3 elements is bigger than the containing element (div) around them.
    Or, there is a piece (image, long link, long code whatever) that is bigger that the alloted width for the div that keeps it.

    and as you said it’s only background-color stuff that’s no problem to clean up,

    No, I said the *warnings* were background color stuff.

    You actually have *errors* – click the link I gave you and you’ll see them. Those errors may have something to do with what the problem is.

    Moshu is right – usually that stuff has to do with padding, widths, etc., and the way IE renders them over other browsers. I also see you aren’t utilizing conditional comments (which always help with IE errors), but I was suggesting you fix those CSS *errors* first (the warnings don’t really matter, but the errors do) because if you fix them, it may fix your issue without further action.

    The errors are just the -moz-opacity which only works with FF, but is ignored by other browsers. I’m sure I left enough space for IE, I can’t remember but does IE ignore min-width. Do you know any IE conditional comments workaround for min-width? Thats the only thing I could see it could be.

    Yes, it does ignore 🙂
    google… there are solutions for min/max width for IE6.

    Do you know any IE conditional comments workaround for min-width?

    I’m not sure what you mean? A conditional comment is whatever you make it…so I guess I need clarification on that? No, IE doesn’t recognize min-width, but IE *does* view widths differently than any other browser. Paddings, margins and the 3-pixel bug are all a few that have to do with it.

    Thanks found a few! Moshu could you lose the URLs above for me, do you want me to post the solution or just call it a day on this thread?

    Sorry doodlebee, I just meant workaround not IE CC. Google rocks when you know what to look for. 🙂

    Ohhh… okay. Yeah, you can use a script for IE that makes it recognize min/max width. (Sorry, I thought you just wanted IE to stay at a particular width and it wasn’t doing it!) Best one I’ve ever found was from Georg on the CSS-D list…

    Georg’s site here

    1. You can post the solution (not code, though!) or at least point to where you found it.
    2. You should mark the thread “resolved” – since only you know when it is done 😉
    3. I altered the URIs; do you want me to remove them completely?


    😉 Resolved! (Georg’s site)

    As soon as a mod gets a chance can they remove the URLs in the first post. The address is for a business that is not active yet. Thanks.

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