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    I am fairly new to WordPress and run a few sites. Usually I make a child theme so I can edit the css and, when necessary, even the php. On one site, I am using Adventure Journal Theme. In the style.css there is the following instruction:

    Do not edit this file. If you need to make changes to this theme, create a new stylesheet in the wp-content folder then go to the ‘WordPress Admin > Settings > Adventure Journal’ and add your new stylesheet under the ‘Custom Stylesheet’ section. This will prevent your changes from being overwritten when new versions of this theme is released.

    That would be cool to just be able to add a custom style sheet without actually making a new child theme. But I cannot figure out where the author means for me to go. In the c-panel the only place I actually see Adventure Journal listed is in wp-content. And I see no path like he describes above. And if I put the new css file in the wp-admin folder it does not a show up in the site’s dashboard editor. Nor do I see anyway to add it on the Dashboard>Settings.


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  • Go into your WordPress Dashboard or log into your Admin area of WordPress and then go to Settings => Adventure Journal

    @cjc1867. Yes. You just repeated the instructions in the block quote and I understand them just as unclearly as the original ones. I do not see what either of you are talking about.

    When I am looking at my Dashboard (logged in) I can see “Settings” in the lefthand side panel. There is nothing that says “Adventure Journal” there. When I am logged into my c-panel and in the file manager and go into WP-Admin I see no folder that says “Settings”. In my file manager the only place I can find a folder that says “Adventure Journal” is in the folder WP-Content.

    I’m sorry I am being obtuse.

    Right, Just installed this theme and it is under Appearance => Theme Options, obviously the instructions are out of date.

    Oh! Thank you so much! I did not see it there. I thought I had looked but I must have missed it.

    Yes, there are a few things that are out of date on the theme and the author does not seem to be responding to any questions any longer (since April). It is made by Contexture International and their site says: Finally, we ARE working on a new version of Adventure Journal, and it is a MAJOR update… so major, that we might release it as a completely new theme called Adventure Journal 2. Stay tuned I love the theme but I am keeping an eye on the update issue since we are now on WP 3.4.

    Thanks again for your help.

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