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  • geoffhanna


    I am seeking a theme with these attributes:

    • Custom Menus that can be Categories
    • Very customizable appearance
    • Category pages that are also very customizable

    In a perfect world, the theme will display snapshots of specified categories on the main page like Mimbo ( but at least will visually emphasize categories.

    Each of the Category pages will be visually distinct and customizable, and will feature the correct set of sub-categories for that category (or better, show snapshots of them as well).

    I will be using the Subdomains plugin to redirect domains to each category page. I am hoping to make each category page so distinct and fully-featured that someone who lands there may not even know there is a main page that collects all of the categories.

    Know of any themes that would support this?

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  • geoffhanna


    p.s. I’ve read up on Category Templates, and I can go that route if necessary. But I was hoping for something that would not require me to custom-code each category page.



    It’s kind of difficult to recommend specific themes from the information you have provided, but it sort of sounds like you’re after a customizable magazine style theme? Custom menus are in most themes now, and your best option for themes with custom appearance options / category pages etc would be to have a look at latest themes from the premium / commercial providers.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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