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Help me find info on how to use WordPress for websites (Not blogs)

  • easywolf32


    Please Help me find info on how to use WordPress for websites (Not blogs).

    I want to make websites using wordpress since it’s great, and completely disable the blog part on most of them since it’s not what I’ll de doing here.

    What books or links (WordPress for dummies seems mostly about blogging) would you recommend to me?

    I find the wordpress tutorials a bit out of my league for now because I’ve never written or read much about coding.

    I already have a wordpress website running with godaddy and getting more fmailiar with it every day, but could really use help on how to manipulate sidebars and menus to my liking, posting pictures where I want them, like in the header, anywhere on a page, etc.

    Changing the colors of themes as well. Where can I read up on all this?

    Any answer is VERY appreciated!

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  • MichaelH


    You don’t have to write any posts!!! This FAQ addresses using a static front page, ignore the blog part. How can I have a static front page and posts display on a page called Blog?

    Your best bet is to find a theme that is close to what you want to accomplish and use that. See http://wordpress.org/extend/themes/

    If you want to delve into creating and modifying your theme then review several of these articles:
    and look at the CSS article also.

    Videos to look at:



    Awesome thx, do you know of any books that I can buy as well, from Amazon.com or elsewhere?

    I am a relative newbie at WP too, and I didn’t have much luck finding info on using WP for a non-blog site – no books, etc. I eventually just set up a local xampp server and experimented until I got close to what I wanted.

    You can see the results at bluegrassmiataclub.com.

    If you would like to discuss and exchange ideas, use the About->Contact Us page to email me (Mac McDonald).



    Hi there,

    I really want to know how is it possible to add pictures wherver you feel like, and changing the layout and colors of your template, and adding pictures inside the header as well. These 3 things are at the top of my do list. Thx!!



    Anyone have any new links or know of any books that specifically help you use wordpress without blog. I’m allergic to the words Blog, Twtitter and Facebook.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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