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  • Hi,
    I run a blog that is averaging around 15 000 unique visitors a day, and well above 30 000 page loads. Now the amazing thing is that Dreamhost hasn’t told me to go die yet(I guess I can thank wp-cache), but I’m fairly confident they’ll tell me soon enough since I’m closing in on my daily CPU quota.

    I must admit that I don’t know much about hosting, it certainly isn’t what I’m blogging about, so I was wondering what kind of dedicated server I’d need for a page of my size? I was thinking about going for a very basic specced server, but I honestly have no idea at all how demanding WordPress is on a server, and pre-paying a server for a few hundred dollars only to find it doesn’t even come close to what I need is not something I’d like to just try..

    Thanks for any assistance!

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  • try asmallorange or layered tech. i have used their services…

    I’d suggest you go to to throw your question there, and I believe you’ll find your server! 🙂

    BTW, you have really a lot of visiters to your blog!! >.< Mine are only 20-30 per day….

    Asmallorange doesn’t have dedicated and I was thinking more about how big a server I would need in terms of specifications. Personally I’m guessing a basic Celeron with 512mb ramn would run a large WordPress site just fine, but that’s just my guess. I’d like something solid.

    Layered tech does look good, so thanks for that link at least.

    i think ASO does do managed dedicated servers… not sure really. layeredtech guys are i believe not very popular but competitive. 🙂

    I was a bit quick, ASO does do dedicated servers, however, they are sold out. 🙁

    In any case, I wouldn’t go here to find THE server I wanted, but rather what specifications I should be looking for. 🙂

    Ok, since no one is replying to my question I assume wordpress is fairly light on the server and I can go for whatever suits my wallet best?

    Well, thanks! 😀

    I recommend Server Beach (add .com for their site).

    I have several servers there for various projects, and they have been wonderful. 😀

    Luna, were any of them WordPress based projects? What kind of server did you get and how much of the server resources did you use?

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    I recently (January 31st) got a dedicated server from A+ Hosting:

    I got the P4 3.0 GHz machine with 2GB DDR RAM (it is currently $139 a month + $49 initial setup).

    The server is hosting several WordPress sites with anywhere from 70,000 to 100,000 daily page views, combined, and well over 190,000 daily hits. MySQL averages 10 queries per second.

    I’m using MySQL’s Qcache, a custom WP Plugin to optimize post queries so that Qcache can be more effective, APC (Advanced PHP Cache), a WP plugin to cache WP objects to APC instead of to disk, and WP-Cache2 for caching out HTML output. I’ve been very happy with its performance.

    RAM usage is usually 70%-95%, but that’s because I basically told MySQL to be really greedy… i.e. it’s using more than it needs to, just because it’s there. MySQL could easily live on 256-512MB if I wanted it to.

    This system would likely be overkill for you, but it’d give you room to grow, for quite some time (maybe forever). You could very easily get away with 1GB of RAM and a less processor, but you probably won’t save that much money.

    ServerBeach is also a good choice. The only thing there is that they don’t (AFAIK) offer Debian, which I happen to be partial to… but then they do offer you a lot of choices when it comes to your control panel.

    Hard to find good deals on managed servers. Your lowest pricepoint is likely a virtual private server, but even then it gets pricey to hit 512MB base. I know folks who both hate and love godaddy, but they have configure-your-own VPS, decent prices in many setups.

    For a dedi server, WHT is the place to look for reviews, etc. A cheap 512MB box can probably be had for maybe 70-80, likely unmanaged at that price. However, 1&1 does have some okay dedi prices, 109 for a managed 512MB box.

    Depends on your level of need, experience, and price. There are some slightly more expensive VPS or dedi places (servint, liquidweb) who offer (supposedly) outstanding levels of managed support — including things like pre-hardened boxes. Those aren’t THAT much pricier than the competition in the long run, given what’s bundled in.

    If you aren’t running WP-Cache2, you should be…


    Thanks, markjaquith, that was exactly the info I was looking for.

    Too bad A+, ironically, has some really bad reviews on them. I guess it’s off to WHT. Thanks!

    davidchait, yes, as I said in the first post, I run wp-cache.

    If you’re UK-based, I suggest Fasthosts. If you want a cheap one then I suggest (around £10 p/m!!!)

    This isn’t a worthless post* just to bump, but gesiwuj, that is the cheapest dedicated servers I’ve ever seen. That’s so cheap I might get one just for fun.

    *actually, it probably was worthless.. :p

    I’m certainly not in the business of criticizing competing companies, but their offers are all for significantly older lower powered servers. Those boxes may do the trick yes – but – ask yourself “How many hours has a Pentium2 box been running, and how many hours are on the drives?”

    I’ll give you a Virtual Private Server for €25.00 (twenty five euros)per month. That gets you a complete managed root environment on either a Gentoo or FreeBSD (6.0) box. You would have access to 1GB of memory, 2GB of disc space, and all the CPU’s your heart desires. You would get 25GB of traffic per month free. You would have to pay a domain transfer fee of €15.00 (Fifteen Euros) to move your domain over, but that applies to any change of hosting provider you have already, or may yet contemplate.

    You would be on a shared box which is a quad Xeon 3.0GHZ+ (ideal for VPS applications) with >4GB of host memory. There is no realistic possibility that you would run out of horsepower on a server of that caliber.

    We’re putting a VPS offer up on our site next week, but consider this an “advance promotion”. We are based in Amsterdam in the Redbus Interhouse data center with direct connectivity to AMSIX & NYSIX so you are located ON the backbone. Not near to it, ON it! 🙂

    Please email me: colin [at] clearcutnetworks [dot] com for a formal offer. Our site is but you will note that the product is referred to, but not yet up on the site – as said above.

    This post is not spurious advertising, but written in an attempt to assist the OP is finding a cost effective answer to his problem. Regards to all & thomasp – I hope this helps you resolve the issue you’re currently confronting.




    I wouldnt go with layeredtech. I recently had an experience with them that left a very bad taste in my mouth :

    They have a site thats spamming several b2evolution blogs I know of, as well as my own wp blog. I sent an email to their abuse department, as did some others, logs were provided, etc..

    Result: basically they blew us off.

    Any host that’s negligent when confronted with a user that’s not playing nice in the sandbox gets a bad rap from me.

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