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    I recently installed WP into my root directory. When I went to access the wp-admin page it asked me for a username & password. So I clicked on the link to register and after getting my user & pass I logged on fine but it wouldn’t let me edit anything. It said that I’d have to get permission from the administrator & have them increase my permissions in order for me to access the pages I was trying to access.

    I thought I was the administrator! What’s going on here? How can I register as the administrator when I originally install the program?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you,


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  • During the installation, the admin account is created (and – I think) set to a random password, that’s provided to you at the end of the installation …

    If I’m correct you even get an email with your loggin info! So you have to use that to login as the admin, not create a new account!

    My ISP is IIS based so if you’re using Apache it may be another issue, but I had the same problem and here’s how I fixed it.

    You need to set up things with your ISP so that index.php is one of the “default” pages for the directory you installed WordPress in. Most hosting services use default.html, default.asp, or default.aspx as the “default” pages so just adding index.php gets rid of that access problem!

    Good luck! Hope that helps!

    blachjakk I recently installed WP into my root directory.
    During the installation process WP tells you: here is your login and password, write it down so that you can login. Did you follow those instructions???

    I never received those instructions as I had already installed WP through my Hosting Service. So even when I would delete the old files & re-upload WP, it still wasn’t giving me a new password since it was still reading that it was already installed. THe solution ended up being to clear My SQL Database. Once I did this & re-installed WP, it recognized it as new & gave me a new possword. Thank you all for your help.

    I’m on to having a different issue now if anybody has any thoughts about that…

    This one’s driving me crazy. From what I hear, index.php/ is supposed to bypass needing ch_mod which my server does not offer, but I’m still having major issues.

    Thanks again

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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