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  • at first my english isn’t good 🙂 so i hope u guy can get me lol

    i have 2 prob now

    first, i want to disable/hide my post detail(example of article)

    example : xxx blah blah blah readmore…. < i dont want to show example
    of article (they can click my thumbnail image to read article)

    second, i want to hide post detail in article (date,author)

    and last why sometime my widget is not update may be a flash problem?

    thankyou ask me if u dont understand my q

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  • I think I understand your problem. If you dont want the article text and meta content to be displayed in your website, you have to delete it from the template. Delete the div’s around: the_title();,the_content(); and delete the div where all the meta content stands in.

    do we have some css that disable it?

    does it effect with seo to delete meta?

    In the css you can just give all the right classes a display:none; if you dont want they to display. About the seo: some believe its good for seo some believe it really doenst matters. I think it wouldn’t be that big of a difference. If you wanna know for sure, google an article about it ;).

    sorry but -*-

    can i hide that with css?

    i think it better 🙂


    wating for answer

    thank you somuch degamer12

    wait for help

    if you would give us a link to your site we could help you better.

    it’s adult content

    but it’s clean

    im not sure can post here 🙂

    ty somuch dg12

    Find out what the classes are from the items you want to hide.
    Then just add this to your css:


    this is my site that got a prob.


    plese change x to t

    im thank you somuch dg12

    thank all

    what class of that thing

    under my thumbnail pic -*-

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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