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  • apparently this isnt the place for help. must be on a different site cause no one really does anything here aside from if you get lucky and someone trips over your post. its a miracle people even bother using wordpress with its lack of a decent community for help.
    and before anyone hops on their high horse about volunteer this, dont get paid that. think of things like the ubuntu community of linux, you ask a question on any of their forums and i will be damned if you want more than 30 mins before 10 different people reply and guess what, none of them get paid to help, they just do it so more people can use the software and increase the user base. something wordpress obviously doesnt need

    sorry i cant help ya hung but i am basically new as well, good luck finding an answer


    Sometimes the largest number of suggestions can be gathered together and placed at your fingertips super-fast if you take a minute to use the search function. Common issues usually have many, many discussions and solutions available. You can use the forum search much like you might use Google to search, in that if you search for your specific error, in this case “Error establishing a database connection”, you get pages full of your issue in the search return. You can narrow it down further by selecting your search results from the forums, the documentation, or both if you like.

    In addition you might want to review the installation documentation to make sure that everything in your wp-config file is correct.
    Installing WordPress

    Set up wp-config.php

    If using the search function to attempt finding the information you need while waiting for someone to come along and tell you the answer is out of the question, then The WordPress Documentation is a great place to start.

    Good luck !

    [edit] Just looking at the image you provided, it appears as though your database has been damaged somehow. You may want to consider restoring from the last known good database backup if none of the other suggestions you find seem like something that could help.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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