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  • Not sure how this has happened, but I have noticed that all my site users are gone all of sudden! I upgraded and didn’t notice them gone, but here we are a week later and they are all missing, even an admin user is gone. How can I restore the users from a backup?

    There are also, images missing and many pages were put in the trash! How could this have happened?

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  • I can probably help you figure this out.

    Couple of things, what version did you upgrade from? Did you complete the database upgrade when you installed? Before or after you upgraded were you doing anything special related to the users WPeC created in the prior releases?

    Something related to the fix in 3.8.14 and that stops WPeC from using the users table for transient user data like ( cart data ) might be a place to look for a possible reason for the missing user records. The upgrade process tries to delete all of the WPeC anonymous users that accumulated. Because there can be ten’s of thousands of these the processes is done slowly over a period of time.

    If the users are indeed gone, to get the users back you will need to use the database backup you did immediately before the upgrade. The WordPress users table and the user meta table will need to be restored.

    You can manually create an admin user using a tool like phpMyAdmin.

    @lotsamotta one other thing, I checked the upgrade code and the only users that WPeC would clear after the user’s data is copied to the WPeC visitor table during upgrade would have to match these criteria

      User login starts with an “_”
      Empty User email
      User login the same as user nice name
      User login the same as user display name

    That’s a pretty specific user profile, I don’t think it’s possible to create a user with that profile from the WordPRess user interface, so it shouldn’t match real people.

    Plugin Author Justin Sainton


    To further elaborate, it’s actually impossible in WordPress to add a new user from the admin interface without an email address. So the query in WP eCommerce that targets our old anonymous users would only target those added programmatically.

    I wasn’t doing anything with users before the upgrade. I upgraded from the 3.8.14 dev version.

    So can I just grab the users table rather than the entire WordPress database? if I use the entire database, I am going to lose many sales in my sales log and whatnot. The weird thing is that pages were put in the trash and images are gone as well… is that related to the upgrade as well?

    and yes I did do the database upgrade. I have not upgraded to yet..

    I really don’t think this is related to the WPeC upgrade, if other data is changed you need to look for a more general cause.

    If you were running the 3.8.14 dev branch, the user data upgrade happened a very long time ago

    You should be able to restore the data manually, do a backup first in case you have an issue.

    the users table and the user meta table should be manipulated together.,

    I don’t think it is actually either, because the users are all there in a backup from a couple of days ago, and I did the upgrade over a week ago now. I haven’t even been on the site, I’m not sure what happened, could a plugin have caused this—so odd?

    So it looks like I need to restore the user meta table, user data table and which tables for media and product meta (images associated with product pages.. post meta table?

    Thanks for your help.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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