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    okk. i just upgraded to the latest version. usually, i’d wait awhile before upgrading but the notice on the dashboard to upgrade was getting annoying so i did just upgrade. now i cant seem to login to my wordpress. once i am logged in, i find that i cant view my site it keeps directing me to the login page & when i tried logging back in again, it wont log me in now. its been days & its frustrating as it is. anybody with any helpful tips??

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  • Have you tried “Forgot my password”? If that works, you’ll get a new passowrd that you can use to login – and reset your password as admin.
    (though I had trouble with it the first few times)
    BTW – it’s always a good idea to test a new version before applying it to your live blog(s) 🙂

    not sure if this will help, but i upgraded and the passwords got changed….and I was never emailed the new password, even when I tried
    to use the recover password option.

    After searching on google for awhile I found something in one of the WordPress forums but I cant find that link again for you.
    I was able to edit the password by going into the MySql database through phpMyAdmin

    I think the table is wp_users or something like that.
    You should see Admin. The password is encrypted, called MD5 encoding.

    You should be able to edit this via phpMyAdmin. Just make sure you tell it to change it to MD5 before you save it.

    thanks for the reply so far. i got a new password & it works. i guess while upgrading, it did change my password so yeah. 🙂 but now thing is im logged in but whenever i click visit site, it brings me back to the log in page & everytime i try logging in, it wont. 🙁 help??

    another problem, my blog is set to private & now i just got told the users that are registered on my blog cant seem to sign in aswell. sighh.

    anybody?? can anyone help me???

    when you are logging in… do you mean you get kicked back to this
    screen when you click on visit site?

    let me see if i can follow the steps you are taking.

    starting at this screen
    your Blog url .com/wordpress/wp-login.php
    do you have Remember Me checked?
    takes you to
    the dashboard
    your blog URL .com/wordpress/wp-admin/index.php

    then you have your domain name Visit Site
    if you right click on visit site, look at properties
    is that your Blog URL?
    the visit site should be your blog url – confirm that.

    sometimes i right click on visit site and open in a new
    window and that works

    what do you mean you have your blog marked private?
    are you referring to privacy settings – you have blog visibility
    radio button enabled on the I would like to block search engines, but allow normal visitors? are they registered users requiring username
    and password?

    if you have registered users, i would suggest you go into
    the Users tab on the far right,
    it will take you into manage users.
    all users – do you see any users listed?
    do you see the users that have logged in to your site
    what is their role?

    there is also a sentence that indicates
    if users can register themselves.

    for example,
    my sentence says users can not
    currently register themselves but i can
    manually enter them.

    the sentence has an active
    link back to the general setting screen
    where you can indicate membership

    options are anyone can register
    users must be registered and logged in to comment
    new user default role

    i think the initial posted question is answered. you got
    logged in. right?

    it might be better to create a new support topic for the
    visit site issue or the visitor’s login program
    as that is not the same as the problem
    you originally had. if the discussion title is defined
    you might get others to help that have expertise in those
    topics if you are still having trouble.

    hope you get this working!

    hey thanks for the help but i finally found the culprit. it was one of the plugins that i used. initially the problem was i was logged in but everytime i click on visit site, it keept asking me to log back in. i went to the plugin page. this plugin is good for those who want to password protect their WP blog which is what i meant by my blog was private. so yeah, i learnt there that others too where having trouble with their WP after activating the plugins. i tried one of the poster’s comments fix on it. specifcally, Mike Lanxess’s code. he posted it a few comments below. im sure you’ll be able to find it. & now it works! 😀

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