help locate code Plugin, to "like images" or "rate photos" or "vote media&q (2 posts)

  1. gnuzilla
    Posted 4 years ago #


    I need to find a way for unregistered users to vote/rate/like images. just a simple counter, recording how many users "liked" a photo. we will have to do this ad-hoc per image, hopefully with a shortcode... such as,
    [like_counter]<a href...><img /></a>[/like_counter]

    a counter per post, is not acceptable. Many posts won't be included and some have multiple images per post. In other words, wp-postratings is not applicable. Beyond being over-engineered and rigid, it is per post only.

    Something like like-photo, would be great. It just has to actually work as intended.

    I really would appreciate anyone who can help!

  2. Top Cat
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Actually, every image gets treated like a separate post when you use the built-in WP gallery.
    So you should be able to use any post-rating plugin for rating images.

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