Help! I've been Joe-Jobbed - need help getting evidence (1 post)

  1. ScottAllen
    Posted 9 years ago #

    Apparently a spammer has gone on a personal vendetta against me and started posting comment spam in my name and linking to my website(s) on various WP-powered blogs. Given the nature of my business, this is incredibly detrimental to my reputation, and I plan to pursue it and prosecute to the fullest extent of the law.

    But I need evidence. If you have a comment in my name (Scott Allen) or my wife's name (Jayne), probably including our phone number (512-215-9720) linking to either http://TheVirtualHandshake.com or http://Entrepreneurs.About.com since March 1, please send me:
    1. URL at which it occurred
    2. IP address associated with the comment
    3. A list of any other comments posted from the same IP address

    I've already turned this over to the FBI and About.com's legal department, but those will be slow processes. I need help gathering this evidence ASAP, and will be trying to get the word out over the weekend to counter the negative publicity of the bogus comment spam.

    Any help/suggestions appreciated,

    - Scott -

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