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  • I decided to self host as I thought in the long run it would be better.
    Since I’ve changed the DNS etc I’ve lost the following though:

    1. My share count for each post, which is really annoying. I can’t find the old plugin to just try to install it. Arrgh what can I do?
    2. When I do a post now, video content isn’t embedded (it’s just a link). What plugin do I need?
    3. How do I view my notifications now? Have I lost all the people who previously signed up / liked my blog before?

    As you can tell not enjoying the whole process 🙁
    Very grateful for any help.
    Fingers crossed

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  • 1. The old plugin?

    2. You need to look for a video player plugin is you want to embed your own hosted videos.

    3. Can you be more specific?

    1. Where have all my social share counts gone / how do I get them back?
    I’ve got a new plugin just to test it out, so the figures are 0 now.
    I’d like to just have the previous count from before?
    Hope that makes sense.

    2. Ok cool, I have installed one, so am obviously not doing something right.

    3. Notifications that were in my dashboard before when someone liked a post, followed my blog etc. Can’t see where this notification section is now in the wordpress login Go Daddy provided to me for self host. Or is it just the same reader & notification tabs in that i need to use? Seems a bit weird I’d have to go into still for it.

    Yeah and the count/s are still 0 🙁

    Are you referring to Facebook Likes? Or comments?

    FB likes, Twitter, Linkedin
    I just shared the blog post ‘How Big Is The Social Enterprise Sector Really’ via Twitter and it’s not showing up in the count.

    You may need to wait a while for Jetpack to update your stats & counts

    How long is a while? It’s been 1-2 days already…..

    It seems to vary. You could try posing in the plugin dedicated forum about this via the Support tab on its plugin page.

    ok thanks

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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