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  • I am asking how to split the database at 2000-th user and still have the 2001-st user a new user of the same site ? (URL /?)

    If I have to start over from install, will setting the option to (define separate database=true ) in the config.php file work for milti site ?

    Please help I have several sites and all of mySQL databases are breaking at about the 3000-th user, I have upgraded at my host and everything else I can find nothing is helping ! at about the 2000th user it starts cutting out with mySQL errors and my Host says my databases are to big like just 1 DB has 6000+ tables.

    Is it better to have 6000 databases or one split one database (if it is possible ?) in to 3-or-4 parts ?

    I am in desperation mode, my users are depending on me figuring this out and I wonder if others are having the same problems also ?
    I have it set up as domainame.tld/blog1 “” /blog2 and so on I am not using the blog1.domain.tld setup but should I, would this make any difference ? ?

    Please help :]

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  • Andrea Rennick


    Customer Care at Copyblogger Media and Studiopress

    I installed Hyper Database per instructions contained in it, but how do I know if it is working ? I think it broke it ? it says

    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING, expecting ‘)’ in /home/shop4i/public_html/on/db-config.php on line 188 now ??

    line 188 is the password line do I need to change my password ? could it be because my password has a ( @ # ) sing in it ?

    I will have to take it back out until I know what is wrong.
    because that error is all that is showing ( u know white page, with just the error string showing )

    Escape strange characters with a backslash ‘\’. For instance, ‘#’ is a comment character, so escape it as ‘\#’. Password should be in quotes “your password here”.

    I am so sorry to keep bugging you but……
    the pass is now like ‘password’ => aAaAaAA!$\@\# is that ok ?

    in the original there are no ” sings at all in it ? so do I still add them ?

    	'host'     => DB_HOST,     // If port is other than 3306, use host:port.
    	'user'     => DB_USER,
    	'password' => DB_PASSWORD,
    	'name'     => DB_NAME,
    	'write'    => 0,
    	'read'     => 1,
    	'dataset'  => 'global',
    	'timeout'  => 0.2,

    there are no ” sings at all in it ? so do I still add them ?
    or are the ‘ signs below correct ? lower in the script like;

    	'host'     => '',
    	'user'     => 'globaluser',
    	'password' => 'globalpassword',
    	'name'     => 'globaldb',

    How Should it be done ?
    is Host
    ‘’ to be
    ‘global.db.localhost’ or
    ‘’ ?

    I know I sound like an idiot,to you but it is truly confusing me 🙂
    and I do appreciate the help !

    I don’t know if any of this is important. But does it make a difference that my sites-networks are set up like ;

    mysitename.tld/wp/memberblog1/ and not as

    memberblog1.mtsitename.tld ?

    so ? won’t the above need to be changed to match ,kinda ? I guess ?

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