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  1. danstelter
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Hi all,

    I am new to WordPress, but can figure out most basic/intermediate programming/technical problems with help.

    Here's my issue: I installed the plugin, but no related posts are displayed. I have the same categories set up for a few posts, but no related posts displayed still.

    I read something about placing the related_posts() function somewhere in "The Loop." Now, I searched for The Loop in my theme's single.php and index.php files, but no luck.

    Where is The Loop in my theme and how can I get YARPP working?

    Additional helpful info:

    John Galt Theme Version 1.5
    Host is Bluehost

    Thanks ahead of time for all your help!


  2. If you only have four posts that is pretty normal behaviour. You need to build up a bank of posts before YARPP will start to be able to find related posts.

    If you have more than the four posts I see (perhaps your pagination is not working?) then check out this item in the FAQ:

    "Every page just says "no related posts"! What's up with that?"

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